Home Businesses Selling Natural Beauty Products – Dream Opportunity, Or a Waste of Your Time?


Home Businesses selling Natural Beauty products might be considered as a dream business by many women. Most popular Direct Selling (otherwise known as Network Marketing, or MLM) companies that are selling natural skin and personal care products, and are available to anyone who wants to join, are:

Mary Kay Cosmetics
Arbonne International
Nu Skin
Jafra Cosmetics International
Sunrider International
Viviane Woodward

However, there are some key factors that a person who’s about to join or participate in any of these companies needs to know before joining an MLM opportunity.

About the industry:

There are 53mln people worldwide that participates in Direct Selling today. In America alone, someone new starts their own home-based networking business every 11 seconds. 55% of Americans purchased a network marketing product or service over the last year (with nutrition, weight loss, skin care and natural beauty products and services probably as the most popular).

Each of these people who joins Network Marketing companies wants the same thing: a step-by-step plan to show them how they can be successful in creating life-changing income from home.

However, in spite of the many benefits that Network Marketing offers, most people who pursue a home-based business, struggle, suffer, and fail, in their efforts to build significant wealth. The reasons for these widespread failures and unrealised expectations are clear: most who become involved in Network Marketing do not approach their business by following the structure of system that would dramatically increase their odds of success. And, most important, they lack of detailed support system to follow that would insure their success by allowing them train others in this same successful methology that they themselves follow.

In many cases a distributor will be encouraged to sell to friends and family, go out on the streets and talk to complete strangers, hand out product samples, business cards, brochures and fliers, or they simply will be left on their own to find a way to make their business work successfully. No wonder this leads many distributors to frustration, but when they gets discouraged they are simply told to ‘stay motivated’. Such pitfalls can derail even the most exited new distributors hopes and dreams, and cause him to quit like the vast majority who tried Network Marketing but found that ‘no one wanted to do it’.

However, the fact is that with right training and education anyone can build their own Network Marketing organization and operate it from home with little money, and no employees. What it takes to succeed is:

1. You have to develop your own vision for you, and your business.
2. You must have a crystal-clear, step-by-step system to follow.
3. You must have a full support and good advice whenever you need for it.
4. You must become more effective through personal development.
5. You must be a team player and be willing to do the work.

To summarise:

Network Marketing indeed can, and it do changes people lives to a better, higher quality and much wealthier. If considering to join Home Businesses selling Natural beauty products must remember- there is no fast arriving in Network Marketing: only the continual process of learning, growing and expanding in knowledge, and developing your own skills will create a solid, build-to-last organization that will increase in size and value over the period of time.

Source by William V Vysniauskas