Your Skin Tone Determines the Makeup That Looks Best on You


One of the most frustrating parts about being a woman is finding out that not all make up looks good on you. You may see another woman sporting a really great makeup product and try it yourself only to find out that you look absolutely ridiculous in it. Yes, some women are blessed with the ability to wear just about any type of makeup and make it look fantastic, but for the most part, most women need to stick to their basics if they want to actually look good in their makeup. The problem is knowing what kind of makeup actually looks good on you and compliments your natural looks.

Before you make any choices for makeup, it is important to find out what your skin tone is because that will help you find makeup that suites the way that you look. Although there are many different types of skin tones out there, the majority of skin tones can be categorized into two different sections: cool and warm. In order to find out what type of skin tone you are, you can do a really quick test that will most likely tell you what type of skin tone you are. Put on a white blouse and then put on a cream or off-white blouse after it.

If you looked better in the white blouse, then you are most likely a cool skin type and if you looked better in the cream colored blouse then you are most likely a warm colored skin type. After figuring out what skin type you are, the makeup world will seem a whole lot less difficult to figure out.

The most important part about makeup is your foundation or base color. The rest of the makeup is a lot more up to you, but it is important to always make sure that your foundation matches your actual skin tone perfectly. Although sometimes a little bronzer here and there can really boost your color, don’t ever go for a darker foundation in order to make your face look tanner. You will end up with a line on your neck and everyone will know that you are not actually tanned.

If you have cool skin, try to find a foundation with a pink or blue undertone. Like mentioned before, make sure that the foundation matches your skin perfectly, but try to find one with a cool color undertone. If you have a warm complexion, look for foundation with a yellow base to make your skin seem warm and lovely.

Source by Art Gib