Vinebox, A New Wine By The Glass Subscription Service Launches


(Photo : Courtesy of Vinebox)

Finally, a wine delivery service to complement your weekly Blue Apron deliveries.

Vinebox, a new wine subscription service, has officially launched and it may transform the way millennials purchase wines. While the pitfalls and perils of being a novice wine connoisseur are plenty, this wine-by-the-glass subscription service allows you the luxury of getting to know a particular variety of wine before purchasing a full bottle — and it allows you to do so without leaving your home.

Vinebox is the first wine-by-the-glass subscription service to hit the market. It launched just last week and delivers a case of three carefully selected wines to your doorstep, each with a vial of wine measuring out to a full glass each.

Where typical wine subscriptions can leave you penniless and potentially left with a selection of wines you are not partial to, a wine-by-the-glass subscription model affords you the flexibility to try a wine first before sinking money into a bottle. 



(Photo : Courtesy of Vinebox)

A Vinebox contains three different wines in cylinders which measure out to 100ml glass amounts. Each wine is hand-selected by expert sommeliers with varieties hailing from renowned vineyards in France, Spain and Italy.  

And with keeping in mind its millennial customership, each box comes with a breakdown of varietals and descriptions of each region, providing comprehensive and accessible information. Users can also personalize each delivery by providing feedback on which wines they prefer.

The subscription starts at $35 a month, but Vinebox is currently offering lifelong discounted 3-month memberships for $28 a month. Vinebox is available to pre-order now.


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