Fall 2015 Styling Tips & Trends: Best Eye Wear & Glasses For Your Face Shape Part 2


When you run out of contacts, fear not! If you back your peepers up with a sickening set of frames, you’ll look forward to grabbing those glasses. Just ask Marie, an eye wear expert at Coastal.com. We’ve got all you need to know before you choose a new face-framing style for fall.

What frames work best if you’re big on eye makeup like eyeliner and false lashes? What styles ensure your makeup will be seen?

Wearing dramatic eye makeup doesn’t mean you have to leave your glasses at home.


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Choosing a thin rimmed, deep-lensed style lets your beautiful peepers be the star. Translucent plastic frames are also a good option, but stay away from dark, thick frames or narrow, rectangular styles. 

Any frames that work universally on everyone?

The D-frame is the eye wear golden girl — she works with everyone!


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The slightly squared shape with rounded lines and deep lens are flattering on every face shape. Just remember to choose a frame that lines up with the sides of your face and not go too big or too small. 

Biggest eye wear mistakes most women make when choosing a new set of frames?

I think the biggest mistake women make when choosing eyeglasses is a lack of confidence.


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I see lots of ladies gravitate toward narrow, dark rectangle frames because it’s a “safe choice.” Learn your face shape and experiment with different styles and colors. You might surprise yourself.

Favorite celebs who rock their glasses with swag and style? What makes them so chic?

I love Robert Downey Jr. He’s always wearing cool and interesting frames — he has a very strong style personality. He’s not afraid to experiment with new styles and let his frames be his statement-making accessory. 


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Any additional eye wear tips and tricks?

My advice is to just have fun and try new things. Eye wear is an extension of your personality. You can share a lot with the world about who you are (or who you want to be) through a pair of glasses. 

Which kind of frames do you have your eyes on? Tell us with a note below!

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