Immy Waterhouse Poses For Ellen Von Unwerth, Suki Waterhouse's Little Sister Stars In Solo Editorial For Vogue Russia


Immy Waterhouse's editorial for Vogue Russia
(Photo : Courtesy Vogue Russia ) Immy Waterhouse’s editorial for Vogue Russia

After signing to Next Model Management back in November and making her runway debut, 21-year-old model Immy Waterhouse has landed a solo editorial in Vogue Russia.

Immy Waterhouse has a very different appearance from her older sister Suki Waterhouse‘s 1960s vibe, exuding more of a blond California beach-babe look.

“Suki has shown me that hard work pays off and rejection is a big part of it,” Immy told British Vogue last year. “Like Suki, I’m not typical height-wise for a model — so she advised me to just forget about those stereotypes.”

Immy Waterhouse was photographed by Ellen von Unwerth for Vogue Russia, according to Fashionista. The model appears sporting a blonde bob and fuzzy sweater while talking on the phone, sipping from an old school Coke bottle and making off with a purse full of $20 bills.

Elle reported that Immy Waterhouse also just landed a small role in Tom Ford‘s next film called “Nocturnal Animals,” where she will apear alongside Jake Gyllenhaal and Amy Adams.  

“My friend Georgia [May Jagger] worked with [Ford] on a fragrance campaign and she said he was super nice,” Waterhouse told the publication.

Suki Waterhouse, Immy Waterhouse at a Tommy Hilfiger event

(Photo : Getty Images/Neilson Barnard)

Want to get to know more about the younger Waterhouse? The model got candid with Elle sharing: “First, I love working with my sister, honestly.”

“It makes everything so much more fun,” Immy added. “And second, do you know I love facts? I love facts and I love sharks. Like, did you know there’s a really cool shark named the Greenland Shark? It lives its whole life with a parasite in its eye, and eventually, the parasite turns the shark completely blind. There you go. That’s something I bet no other actress can tell you.” 

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